Tutorial on Visual Analytics with Linked Open Data and Social Media (VisLOD2015)

When: June 1, 2015
Where: Portoroz, Slovenia
Collocated with the 12th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2015)
Workshop URI:

What is VisLOD2015 tutorial about?

The   increasing   availability   of   essential   information   as   Linked  Open  Data   has   empowered   ordinary   citizens   and   organisations   with   means   to   increase   their   understanding   of   their   political,   social,   economic   and   cultural   environment.   Social   Media,   on   the   other   hand,   offer   means   to   share   experiences,   connect   with   friends/relatives,  keep  updated  with  situations  and  understand  the  public  perception   of   events,   places   or   individuals.   With   the   availability   of   large   spatiotemporal datasets,   a   considerable   challenge   is   how   to   quickly   and   efficiently   consume   such   datasets.  

Visual   Analytics   solutions   offer   a   promising   direction   of   research   for   consuming   large   semantic  datasets  and  quickly  identify  hidden  trends,  patterns  and  anomalies,   obtain   overviews   of   large   data   spaces   and   promptly   reach   data   points   of   interest.   The   goal   of   the   tutorial   is   to   bring  together  researchers  and  practitioners  interested   in   visual   and   interactive   techniques   for   exploring   Social   Media,   Linked   Open   Data   and   Web   Content.

The  VisLOD   tutorial   will   cover   technical   aspects   from   two   perspectives:   data   collection   and   data   analysis   using   Visualisation   techniques.   Data   collection   hand-­on   will   include   gathering i) Social   Media   content, ii) Linked   Data  and iii) performing   Information  Extraction  on  Web content.

The VisLOD tutorial is arranged at ESWC2015 to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in visual and interactive techniques for exploring Linked Open Data and Social Media. The hands-on tutorial will cover technical aspects from two perspectives: Social Media analysis and Visualisation of Social Media and Linked Data.

In summary, VisLOD tutorial addresses the following three impact areas

  • Extracting   relevant   Information   from   Social   Media,   Linked   Open   Data   and   Web   content   and   presenting   technical   know-­how   for   developing  spatiotemporally and thematically aware Visual Analytic  Solutions  for  all  extracted  content
  • Sharing   lessons   learned   from   implementing   software   solutions   with  existing
    infrastructures and open source libraries
  • An   explicit   focus   on   HCI   techniques — aesthetic   design,   contextual
    inquiry,   prototyping,   storyboarding —   for   designing,   developing   and
    implementing  Semantic  Web  solutions

The material will also be made available on USB sticks on the day of the tutorial and are also available for download and browsing online.


Dr.  Suvodeep  Mazumdar  is  a  Research  Associate  in  the  OAK  Group,  and  holds  a   PhD   in   Computer   Science   from   the   University   of   Sheffield   (UK).   His   field   of   research   concerns   Human   Computer   Interaction   and   Information   Visualisation   for   knowledge   management   in   large   organizations   and   the   social   web.   He   has   an   extensive   experience   in   iterative   user   centred   design   and  evaluation  of  information   visualisation   systems.   He   co-­chaired   tracks   on   Visual   Analytics   for   Crisis   Management   and   has   run   tutorials   on   Visual   Analytics   with   Social   Media   for   Crisis   Management   at   ISCRAM2013   and   ISCRAM2014.   He   was   chair   of   the  SMILE2013   and   SMILE2014   (Social   Media   and   Linked   Data   for   Emergency   Response)   workshops,   co-­located   with   the   Extended   Semantic   Web   Conference   in   2013   and   2014.  He  was  also  run  a  tutorial  (with  the  same  title)  at  ESWC2014.  Twitter: ovus00.

Dr.  Tomi  Kauppinen  is  a  docent  and researcher at the Department of Computer Science  at   the   Aalto   University   School   of   Science   in   Finland and privatdozent at the Institute for Geoinformatics at the University of Münster.   His   research   focuses   on   information   usability   and   sensemaking   of   heterogeneous   spatiotemporal   data   via   link   discovery, spatial data mining  and   visualizations.   He   has   co-­chaired   several  workhops  including  VISUAL2014,   SMILE2014,  GIO2014,  GIBDA2012  and   workshops  on  Linked  Science  2011-­2014.  He  has  given  tutorials  on  visualizing  and   analyzing   Linked   Open   Data   at   Spatial   Cognition   2014,   ESWC2014,   ESWC2013,   EKAW2012   and   SWAT4LS   conferences.   His   academic   teaching   record   includes   courses   ranging   from   Linked Data  and  Knowledge Discovery   to   Information Visualization and  Spatial  Information  Usability.  He  has  given  over  20  invited  talks  and  keynotes in international conferences and workshops. Twitter: @LinkedScience.

Dr.   Anna   Lisa   Gentile   is   a   Research   Associate   in   the   OAK   Group.   She   holds   a   PhD   from   the   University   of   Bari   (Italy).   Her   research   field   concerns   large-­scale   Information   Extraction   technologies.   She   worked   on   Named   Entity   Disambiguation   during   her   PhD  where  she  investigated  the  exploitation  of  large  and  freely  available   Knowledge   Resources.   Since   2007   she   investigated   the   use   of   background   knowledge   in   supporting   IE   tasks.   She   exploited   IE   outcomes   for   designing   community   and   organization   oriented   services.   She   has   published   in   major   conferences   such   as   LREC,   EMNLP  and  ISWC  has  been  serving  as  a  PC  member   for   conferences   such   as   ISWC,   ESWC,   IJCNLP   amongst   others,   co-­organized   workshops   (LD4IE   in   2013   and   2014),   and   delivered   tutorials   at   ISWC2013,   EMNLP2013,  ESWC2014.   Twitter: @AnLiGentile.