Tutorial on Information Visualization for Innovating Research Methods at Spatial Cognition 2014

When: September 15, 2014
Where: Bremen, Germany
Duration: half-day, i.e. morning + optional afternoon
Collocated with Spatial Cognition 2014 (SC2014)

We welcome you to join the Tutorial on Information Visualization for Innovating Research Methods at Spatial Cognition 2014 (SC2014)  conference in Bremen on September 15th, 2014. The teachers of the tutorial are

In the tutorial we will introduce visual approaches for investigating spatial data in the context of other dimensions (such as social or temporal). The main emphasis is on cognitive aspects of representations of spatial information. The goal is to learn via examples how information visualization, exploration and interaction support innovating new research methods. The tutorial materials are available online at LinkedScience.org/tutorials.

The main tutorial exercises will be done within the morning of the tutorial day.  For the afternoon there is an optional session for studying how to apply visual analytics techniques to data brought by participants.

Thus while the focus of hands-on exercises of the morning session is in existing case examples the optional afternoon session is more about brainstorming and exchanging ideas about suitable methods for the data from the participants.

Please register to SC2014 and tutorial today here.