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How should a science schema look like?

Tomi Kauppinen and Alkyoni Baglatzi ran a breakout session at Science Online London 2011 with the question “Can we develop something like to encourage data sharing and reuse?”. This story combines the preparation of the session, presentation given at the session and results. Follow @LinkedScience to hear how the results gets implemented and published as a science schema. Presentation and results of this science schema breakout session now available at:

Linked Science Core vocabulary online

The Linked Science Core vocabulary is designed for describing a research setting and to interconnect it to other related things and components (researcher, data, hypothesis, etc.).

You may check LSC online at There will be a breakout session at the Science Online London 2011 (#solo11) to develop a schema or a vocabulary for science, and we will use LSC as a basis for stimulating the imagination for doing so.

We hope to use the results of the Science Online London to extend and improve LSC. Stay tuned and follow our twitter feed @LinkedScience—-or participate our breakout session at Science Online London to develop new ideas for describing and publishing scientific content online!

Linked Science @ ISWC 2011, October 24th, 2011

The 1st International Workshop on Linked Science 2011 (LISC 2011) will be collocated with the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2011) in Bonn, Germany October 24th, 2011! 

In the LISC 2011 we will discuss and present results of new ways of publishing, sharing, linking, and analyzing scientific resources motivated by driving scientific requirements, as well as reasoning over the data to discover interesting new links  and scientific insights.

Check for more information and the call for papers @ .

Linked Open Science @ Executable Paper Grand Challenge

The following publication will be published in the The Executable Paper Grand Challenge at ICCS 2011 to explain ideas about Linked Open Science:

Tomi Kauppinen and Giovana Mira de Espindola. Linked Open Science—-Communicating, Sharing and Evaluating Data, Methods and Results for Executable Papers. The Executable Paper Grand Challenge, in proceedings of The International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2011). Elsevier Procedia Computer Science series, Singapore, June, 2011.

In short, the paper proposes an approach to solve challenges of an executable paper. It is a combination of four “silver bullets”: 1) publication of scientific data, metadata, results, and provenance information using Linked Data principles, 2) an open source environment for executing, validating and exploring research, 3) Cloud Computing for efficient and distributed computing, and 4) Creative Commons for the legal infrastructure.