Seven papers accepted to Linked Science 2013

We are happy to announce that we have accepted the following seven papers to be presented in the Linked Science 2013 (LISC2013)  workshop in Sydney, Australia in October 2013:

  • Timo WillemsenAnton Feenstra and Paul Groth. Building Exceutable Biological Pathway Models Automatically from BioPAX
  • Nico Adams, Armin Haller, Alexander Krumpholz and Kerry Taylor. A Semantic Lab Notebook – Report on a Use Case Modelling an Experiment of a Microwave-based Quarantine Method
  • Jun Zhao, Graham Klyne, Matthew Gamble and Carole Goble. A Checklist-Based Approach for Quality Assessment of Scientific Information
  • Michiel HildebrandRinke Hoekstra and Jacco van Ossenbruggen. Using Semantic Web Technologies to Reproduce a Pharmacovigilance Case Study
  • Guillermo Palma, Maria-Esther VidalLouiqa Raschid and Andreas Thor. Exploiting Semantics from Ontologies and Shared Annotations to Find Patterns in Annotated Linked Open Data
  • Cameron Mclean, Mark Gahegan and Fabiana Kubke. Capturing intent and rationale for Linked Science: design patterns as a resource for linked laboratory experiments
  • Niels Ockeloen, Antske Fokkens, Serge Ter Braake and Piek Vossen. BiographyNet: Managing Provenance at multiple levels and from different perspectives

On behalf of the organizing committee of LISC2013,
Tomi Kauppinen


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