Tutorial on Analyzing and Visualizing Linked Data with R at ESWC2013

Tutorial on Analyzing and Visualizing Linked Data with R 2013 (LODR2013)

When: May 26 or May 27, 2013
Where: Montpellier, France
Duration: half-day
Collocated with the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2013)—Semantics and Big Data

The openly available R package SPARQL allows to directly connect to Linked Data and use the SPARQL querying language for selecting interesting part of data for analysis. Thus it enables to meet massive and rich data sets with the analytical power of the R language and environment.

This approach and tools contribute to Linked Science and Open Science movements to support the transparency of science and to conduct transdisciplinary research.

In this tutorial we will introduce the idea and concepts about Linked Science, and show via illustrative examples about how to practically query and analyze Linked Data from within R environment for visual and statistical analysis. Tutorial materials will be published online.

Teachers of the tutorial are

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